Why Brand Design!

The million dollar question…to brand or not to brand a business?

Business essentially may not require branding. It may not require a logo or for that matter any collaterals or even advertisements. But there is this one important element that’s a must in business.

The inevitable question… What is it?

Let us consider two different situations

  1. Someone invites you to their home and makes the most delectable dish, but serves it in an aluminum plate over a “not so clean” table. How do you think will respond?
  2. And a second situation where the same dish is placed in a elegant plate and placed over a clean exotic table. What do you think your response will be as compared to the previous situation?

It may just be similar to the way a client responds to a elegantly branded and a non branded product.

It’s a well known fact that many times a product or service is bought even without experiencing it. Customer retention may happen based on their experience of the product.

So here we go again, where will the brand designs communicate?  Much obviously, before the purchase of the product and categorically after using the product or service. Undoubtedly branded businesses communicate better credibility and trust.

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Thank you.
Jayan Vennikkal, Founder & Brand Director.
BiggBrand Thought | www.biggbrand.com